Level Champion
Type Wizard Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters

Warlockmon is a Champion level Vaccine Digimon who wields the power of light.


Physically, Warlockmon resembles Wizardmon, the only differences being his clothes, which are white and light yellow, his cloak, which is noticeably less ragged than Wizardmon's and his sceptre. He is a defender of all good Digimon and valiantly defends them from evil Digimon, even if they are stronger than him. He is normally very quiet and reclusive, shying away from the public eye, although he is willing to work with other similarly aligned Digimon. His strength level is almost on par with Angemon's. Like most Wizard Digimon, he hails from Witchelny.

Digidestined partnerEdit

Jenny Marsh: A fourteen year old Australian girl

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Warlockmon wields a large blue sceptre that has a golden star within a ring at the top. The hilt is encrusted with rubies. The sceptre is capable of firing powerful blasts of light that can vaporise many evil Digimon, while leaving Vaccine Digimon completely unharmed.


  • Pure Energy: Raises his hand to form a sphere of light. The sphere radiates light that is easily capable of destroying Virus Digimon
  • Light Blaster: Raises his sceptre and fires a continuous stream of light energy that can be directed at enemies