Digivolves From [[w:c:Digimon:Pagumon]]
Digivolves To [[w:c:Digimon:Devidramon]]
Type Mammal Digimon
Attribute Virus
Attack One Bad Message
Attack Two Purple Fog
Attack Three (Mega only)
Level Rookie
Family Wind Guardians
  • Nightmare Soldiers
Digidestined Jake Foster

Tsukaimon is a Rookie level Virus attributed Digimon and the Digimon partner of Jake Foster.


When Jake arrived in the Digital World, he encountered his Digimon partner,a troubled Tsukaimon. Tsukaimon explained that as a Baby Digimon, he had been infected with a Virus, corrupting his data and giving him the Virus Attribute. Tsukaimon proceeded to inform Jake about Digimon, the Digital World and other useful information that they would need. Although initially insecure about his Virus attribute, Jake eventually managed to Tsukaimon to accept it, and the duo proceeded to spend the next few weeks travelling across the Digital World, pulling extreme stunts. When they encoutnered the other DigiDestined, Steven Blake and Tuskmon were disgusted by the pairs layed back attitudes, considering the crisis that the Digital World was facing. Jake and Tsukaimon were unfazed, and decided to continue to do nothing, until they encountered a devastated Gazimom village, destroyed by Darius Parker and his legions of artificial Digimon. Horrified by what they had encountered, Tsukaimon and Jake decided to help the DigiDestined by joining them on their quest to stop Parker and his armies.

DigiDestined PartnerEdit

Jake Foster: An eleven year old boy.


  • Bad Message
  • Purple Fog
  • Friendly Fire
  • Puffy Attack

Other formsEdit

Although Tsukaimon is this Digimon's primary form, he has used others, either when he needs a power boost or when he loses all of his energy.


Pagumon b

Pagumon is Tsukaimon's In-Training form. he initially appears this way when Jake first arrives in the Digital World, before quickly Digivolving.


  • Bubble Blow: Blows harmless bubbles at opponents


Devidramon b

Devidramon is Tsukaimon's Champion stage. He is primarily used whenever he and Jake wish to pull off extreme stunts, and is shockingly unprepared for combat. Despite this, he has been show to be quite capable of fighting opponents, due to his size, flight capabilities and impressive strength. He is easily capable of taking on several Digimon at once with his attacks, and even seems to relish combat, going into a berserker state.


  • Crimson Claw: Slashes and tears enemies with his long, sharp claws, powered from deep darkness
  • Red Eye: Paralyzes enemies with it's crimson eyes, staring at them makes them vulnerable to attack