In Digimon Heroes, the supreme god-king was Chronomon, who was the first Digimon ever created. He had two modes: Dark and Holy.

Chronomon was the creator of the Ancient Legendary Warriors and Ornithmon, but his true descendants are the Chosen Digimon of Digimon Heroes(Chiikimon, Kestremon, Leemon, Kandimon, Ekidomon Mortemon), and two other Digimon that aren't revealed until Digimon World Heroes: Ogudomon's Revenge (the other two being Gomamon and Renamon). These eight Digimon are called "Chronomon's Children." because they have the Chrono Gene (which Chronomon gave them shortly before he died), which is a special code in their data that varies for his Children. Dragon, Bird, Beast/Animal, Insect/Plant, Machine/Mutant Dark, Aquatic, Holy: These are the species of Digimon the Children of Chronomon are. Chiikimon is Dragon, Kestremon is Bird, Leemon is Beast/Animal, Kandimon is Insect/Plant, Ekidomon is Machine/Mutant, Mortemon is Dark, Gomamon is Aquatic, and Renamon is Holy.

Chronomon's Children are part of a very important prophecy: They are the Chosen Digimon that must each get the help of a human teen, and save both worlds from the most powerful evil the Digital World has ever known. This evil is currently unknown, but he is the size of Apocalymon, with the fiery temper of MaloMyotismon, the ability to destroy like the D-Reaper, the sheer wickedness of Lucemon, and the supreme power of Yggdrasil.