Schloss Chessmon or Chessmon Castle is built on one of the branches of the World Tree Yggdrasil. It is inhabited by (mostly black) Chessmon and ruled by Queen Chessmon and more recently Duftmon.


Schloss Chessmon is on one of the branches of the World Tree, not visible from the ground. It's high location makes it one of the few buildings in the digital world from where you can see the sky above Yggdrasil.


The castle itself is compromised of a gatehouse, two knight houses, a citadel, and several spiral towers linked together with bridges and tunnels. All of those were made with white stones from the Chalk Shores. A huge stature depicting King and Queen Chessmon stands just behind the front gate.

The citadel houses a number of huge and unorthodox rooms and halls, filled with strange paintings and occasionally moving statues. The ballroom as well as the throne room have black and white tiled floors, resembling a chessboard. The throne itself is made of white wood and black cushions, with a statuette of Queen Chessmon at the right hand and King Chessmon at the left.

The courtyard is a huge chessboard. If one enters it he is brought onto a different plane, which he can only leave by winning an unusual game of chess.


After having quarrelled with Queen Chessmon, King Chessmon of the Old Chessmon Empire climbed the mighty tree Yggdrasil. Once he got on one of the largest branches, after many weeks of travel, he decided not to leave from there and establish his residence there. At that time he had a huge number of followers, who helped him to build the Schloss.

After it's completion Queen Chessmon climbed the tree as well to persuade her husband to come back down. But he refused to leave his new home, much to her anger, which resulted in the Chessmon Civil War, where white and black Chessmon fought each other. The war ended when the king was killed by a virus. Even though they had been fighting for years, the queen grieved her husbands passing and raised a huge statue in his honour. She moved herself into the castle and lived there for the rest of her life.

At one point Duftmon moved into Schloss Chessmon with the queens heir (also a Queen Chessmon). He steered all of his operations from there and ruled over huge parts of the digital world.

During the Great Darkness seven chosen children came to the castle and were challenged by Queen Chessmon. That resulted in a battle eventually killing Duftmon and Queen Chessmon.

Currently a King Chessmon rules in Schloss Chessmon and over a small area of the digital world known as the New Chessmon Empire.