Level Champion
Type Insectoid
Attribute Vaccine

Scarabmon is a champion digimon.


Scarabmon is a humanoid Digimon with a red shell, spikes on it's arms, clawed hands, helmet that covers the eyes, human like face and wings. It lives in desert wastelands and attacks Virus type Digimon viciously, showing no mercy. It acts as a leader toward other, weaker Digimon and is slightly arrogant. It also loves to battle and is known for it's destructivness.

Digidestined partnerEdit


  • Sun Sphere: Creates a ball of energy and throws it.
  • Ember swarm: Fires a volley of embers from the palm of his hand.

Digivolves fromEdit

Digivolves toEdit

  • Kheprimon
  • Metallife Kuwagamon
  • Blossommon
  • Shellmon
  • MegaKabuterimon
  • Dinobeemon


Name originEdit

Taken from the scarab, a species of dung beetle which was worshipped by ancient Egyptians.