Level Ultimate
Type Insectoid
Attribute Vaccine

Kheprimon is an Ultimate level Digimon.


Kheprimon's head is a scarab beetle and it's body is black and heavily armoured. It wears giant beetle shells as paudlrons, has claws, wings and carries a staff with an orange disk on it. It rules over the desert areas of the Digital World and commands a vast army of Scarabmon. It is less destructive than Scarabmon and much wiser. It's power has been known to decimate entire armies of Digimon.


  • Heat Wave: It slashes the air with It's staff and creates a wave of fire that reduces opponents to ash.
  • Mega Sun Sphere: Using It's staff it creates an even larger, hotter and stronger version of the Sun Sphere.

Digivolves fromEdit

  • Kabuterimon
  • Scarabmon
  • Kuwagamon
  • Digmon
  • Kongoumon
  • Stingmon
  • Mothmon
  • Flybeemon

Digivolves toEdit

  • Tyrant Kabuterimon
  • Grandis Kuwagamon


Kheprimon wields a long silver staff that ends in a claw shape with an orange disk in between the claws. The staff can be used to launch it's attacks.

Name OriginEdit

Kheprimon's name comes from Khepri an ancient Egyptian god of the sun.