Level Mega
Type God Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Angel

Wind Guardians

Horakhtimon is a Mega-level Bird Species Digimon.


He is a God Man Digimon with a bird of prey's head with a solar disc on top of it, a human like body with 2 pairs of cloud-like wings (one rainbow-colored, the other silver.), and a long feathery tail. He also carries a shield made of aura, and a blue and gold staff (made of KlonDigiZoid), called Amun. His attribute is normally Vaccine.


He naturally Digivolves from Opsremon (his natural Ultimate), Silphymon, Garudamon, and MagnaAngemon.

You can DNA Digivolve Crowmon and Chirinmon, or Flaremon and Parrotmon together to get Horakhtimon.


He has three main attacks. The first is Solar Wave, which summons sunlight to attack with divine power. His second is Aero Beam, which is a gale-like attack fired from his Staff. His third attack is Divine Typhoon, which uses sunlight and wind to brutally attack the foe.

Name OriginEdit

Horakhtimon's Japanese name is Raemon.

His dub name's origin comes from an alternate name for the Egyptian sky god Horus. His Japanese name comes from the Egyptian sun god Ra (or Re).