Level Mega
Type Insectoid
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Savers

Metal Empire

FortressScarabmon is a huge Mega level Digimon.


Fortress Scarabmon is an enormous Digimon that looks like a Scarab with mechanical legs and thirty ball turrets located on It's back. Two additional turrets are located in the anntena, which also double as mines. It is used to delete any Aerial Digimon that threaten it or others.


  • Bug Blitz: Opens fire with all thirty-two turrets.
  • Beetle Drones: Launches small mechanical drones from hidden compartments on It's back. The drones can be used for labour or to attack ground opponents.
  • Launcher Mine: Launches It's antenna at opponents which explode on contact.

Digivolves FromEdit

  • Kheprimon
  • Hercules Kabuterimon
  • Okuwamon
  • Metallife Kuwagamon
  • Scorpiomon