Digimon Tamers 02 is a Japanese anime television series, and the Sequel series to Digimon Tamers. It first aired in 2007. The series is based off of the games Digimon World: Dawn and DIgimon World: Dusk.

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Plot SummaryEdit

6 months after the events of Runaway Locomon, a new organization sworn to protect both the Digital World and the Real World was formed- Rising Sun. Takato, Henry, and Rika all join Rising Sun, hoping to protect both worlds. However, when a new evil appears in the two worlds, it's up to the Tamers to stop it.


Main ProtagonistsEdit

Name Digimon
Takato Matsuki Guilmon
A creative and imaginative boy, he was the main protagonist of the first season of Tamers. He's the optimist of the group, and tries to help Rika whenever he can.
Rika Nonaka Renamon
A master Digimon card player, and the leader of the group. Aside from playing Digimon cards, she trains and encourages her friend Jeri Katou to becomes strong as she is, and also took up boxing, making her the second person to physically hurt Digimon, the first being Marcus Damon from Digimon Data Squad.
Henry Wong Terriermon
A half-Japanese/half-Chinese boy, he serves as the voice of reason for Rika's group. He also studies Tai Chi, making him a martial artist.
Jeri Kadou Leomon
A protagonist from the original series. She is being taught by Rika to be a great Digimon card player. After her partner Leomon is revived by Lucemon, Jeri joins Rising Sun.
Kazu Shioda Guardromon
Takato's friend, and a good Digimon card player. He and Kenta serve as the comic relief of the series. After re-uniting with his Digimon, Guardromon, t Sunken Tunnel, he joins Rising Sun.
Kenta Kitagawa Gesomon & MarineAngemon
Another of Takato's friends. He is the only one of the Tamers to have been partnered with a Mega Digimon. After the events at Sunken Tunnel, Kenta joins Rising Sun, gaining a new partner- Gesomon. He still reunites with MarineAngemon later on, though.
Suzie Wong Antylamon
Henry's younger sister. She is a playful girl who is also the youngest of the Tamers.
Alice McCoy Dobermon
A charater from the first Tamers season. She meets the Tamers at Thriller Ruins, and joins Rising Sun after some encouragement from the Tamers to do so. Her partner, Dobermon, is then revived by Lucemon, making her an official Tamer.
Ryo Akiyama Cyberdramon
Another professional Digimon card player. After the events of Tamers, he began to train his Digimon further in the Digital World. He is Rika's friend and rival, and the only Tamer to not be a member of Rising Sun.



  • Calumon
    The incarnation of Digivolution. He can sometimes be naive, but is determined to protect the Digital World.
  • Mitsuo Yamaki
    The leader of Rising Sun, and the former leader of Hypnos.
    • Kudamon
      Yamaki's new Digimon partner, he helps manage Rising Sun.
  • Impmon
    A mischievous Digimon who is allied with the Tamers. After the eventts of Tamers, he went on to work for Rising Sun. He has the ability to digivolve into Beelzemon, the Demon Lord of Gluttony.
  • Lucemon
    A calm Digimon who is allied with the Tamers and works for Rising Sun. Like Impmon, he can digivolve into a Demon Lord, that being his Chaos Mode. He can also enter the data world, the place where Digimon stay after dying, which leads him to bringing back Leomon.
  • Digimon Sovereigns
    The four rulers of the Digital World.
    • Zhuquiaomon
      Formerly an enemy of the Tamers, he's come to respect their actions during the first season. He is the leader of the Sovereigns.
    • Azulongmon
      The wisest of the Soveriegns. He knows the true history of the Digital World.
    • Ebonwumon
      The jokester of the Sovereigns. He has two heads, each with a different personaility.
    • Baihumon
      The fiercest of the Sovereigns.
  • Devas
    Twelve Digimon that serve the four Soeriegns. After the four Sovereigns were corrupted by the ChronoCore, Lucemon revived the 11 fallen Devas and convinced them to join the battle against the ChronoCore, and save their masters.
  • Chronomon
    A mysterious Digimon who overcame the ChronoCore.


  • ChronoCore
    The main antagonist of the series. A sentient virus that can destroy data, it plans to destroy the entire Digital World. It also has the power to brainwash people and Digimon.
  • Grimmon
    A Digimon who gained the power of Chrono Destruction- an attack which instantly vaporizes data in an instant.
    • ChaosGrimmon
      A form Grimmon achieves by fusing with the ChronoCore.
    • ExoGrimmon
      Grimmon's final form.
  • Chaos Triad
    A trio of Digimon that serve Grimmon. They face the Tamers near the end of the series.
    • Chaosmon
      The leader of the Chaos Triad. He was destroyed by Gallantmon Crimson Mode.
    • Grademon
      A Digimon who joined the Chaos Triad so he could find a worthy opponent. He was eventually destroyed by Rika, whom he considers a great opponent to battle.
    • Mistymon
      The last member of the Chaos Triad. He is the tactician of Grimmon's army. He eventually met his end at the hands of MegaGargomon.
  • Huanglongmon
    A Digimon that was sealed away by Lucemon due to its immense power. It was awaken by Grimmon to help him destroy the Digital and Real Worlds. He was eventually destroyed by Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, and Sakuyamon.
  • Kowloon Co.
    A mysterious band of Digimon mercenaries. They work for Grimmon.
    • WaruSeadramon
      The first member of Kowloon Co. introduced. Sadistic to the core, he terrorizes Loop Swamp.
    • SkullBaluchimon
      The second member of Kowloon Co. An emotionless Digimon that always obeys any orders given to him.
    • Spinomon
      The third member of Kowloon Co. He is really arrogant, thinking that he is the strongest Dinosaur Digimon out there.
    • Merukimon
      The fourth member of Kowloon Co.
    • Gaiomon
      The second-in-command of Kowloon Co. He is an honorable warrior, as shown in his fights with the Tamers.
    • GranDracmon
      The leader of Kowloon Co. He was hired by Grimmon to wreak havoc on the Digital World. After Rika gave Kowloon Co. her Digi-Tournament winnings, he and Kowloon Co. sided with the Tamers.


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Tamers 02 has a total of 58 episodes. It first premiered on TV Tokyo on April 1, 2007. It first aired in the U.S. on Toon Disney on December 9, 2007.



Opening Theme: Dawn and Dusk (Sung by Rika Nonaka (Melissa Fahn)


Voice Actor Role(s)
Brian Beacock Takato Matsuki
Steven Blum Guilmon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon, Gallantmon, Mitsuo Yamaki
Richard Cansino Guardromon, Andromon, HiAndromon
Mari Devon Renamon, Kyubimon, Taomon, Sakuyamon
Richard Epcar Merukimon
Doug Erholtz WaruSeadramon
Melissa Fahn Rika Nonaka
Bridget Hoffman Jeri Katou
Steve Kramer Baihumon
Lex Lang Cyberdramon, Monodramon, Strikedramon
Brad MacDonald Kazu Shioda
Dave Mallow Grimmon, ChaosGrimmon, ExoGrimmon
Mona Marshall Terriermon, Gargomon, Rapidmon, MegaGargomon
Michael McConnohie SkullBaluchimon, Azulongmon
Liam O'Brien Samudramon
Paul St. Peter Leomon, GrapLeomon, Regulumon, GranDracmon
Derek Stephen Prince Impmon, Beelzemon
Jamieson Price Janyu Wong
Sam Riegel Kudamon, Reppamon, Chirinmon, Kentaurosmon
Michelle Ruff Antylamon
Philece Sampler Alice McCoy
Brianne Siddall Calumon
Michael Sinterniklaas Lucemon
Michael Sorich Dobermon, Orthromon
Steve Staley Ryo Akiyama, Justimon
Kirk Thornton Chronomon, Zhuquiaomon
Wally Wingert Spinomon
Dave Wittenberg Henry Wong, Ebonwumon


Since its first airing, Tamers 02 became incredibly popular. Critics and fans both praised the show, claiming it to be a great redemption to both Frontier and Savers. The popularity of Tamers 02 led to a sequel series being released, which also gained popularity.