Three years have passed since Lucemon, the last of all the Seven Great Demon Lords has been defeated. Eight new Digidestined befriend legendary Digimon known as "The Children of Chronomon". Five of the eight can Spirit Armor Digivolve from an Ultimate form to an elemental "pseudo-Mega", with their human partners and one of ten known Spirimentals of an ancient Legendary Warrior.

The evil Yuoggimon has been formed by the remaining data of the Seven Demon Lords. He later teams up with KingEtemon (a Digivolved Etemon from the Adventure/Zero Two World), Kurata (from Savers), Alphamon (a former Royal Knight who betrayed the others after Lucemon was defeated), and a corrupted Huanglongmon from the Tamers dimension.

The Eight new Chosen and their Digimon must later Team up with not only the Spirit-Chosen, but also DATs, a few Tamers, and members of the Original two Digidestined, along with Chosen ones from around the world.

The eight Children of Chronomon each represent a Species of Digimon (Dragon, Bird, Holy, Aquatic, Beast/Animal, Insect/Plant, Dark, Machine/Mutant). (Rookie/Ultimate) Chiikimon/Komodomon = Dragon Kestremon/Ospremon = Bird Renamon/Taomon = Holy Gomamon/Zudomon = Aquatic Leemon/Orangumon = Beast/Animal Kandimon/Gerlimon = Insect/Plant Mortemon/Hauntmon = Dark Ekidomon/Biikamon = Machine/Mutant

There also is Digimon Heroes movie called "Apollomon VS Dianamon VS Grimmon".