Level Ultimate
Type Demon Bug Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area

Profile Edit

DevaSnimon, keeps the body shape of Snimon except for a larger abdomen. DevaSnimon has a large black helmet with three red slits in it. His claws resemble scythes with black colored blades. They have large mouths full of a sharp row of teeth. They also have larger wings.

Personality Edit

DevaSnimon tend to be fierce and angry. They do not travel alone, and attack in packs of at least 5. They enjoy sadisticly playing with smaller opponents, and take no hesitation on powerful opponents.

Appearances Edit

  • DevaSnimon has appeared twice in the Digimon Fan Fic, Digimon: Renegade Light, once when attacking the Digi-destined when they entered the Digital World and again before facing MetalEtemon.