Level Mega
Type Dinosaur
Attribute can be any, but is usually Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar, Wind Guardians, Nature Spirits


Carnotarumon is a very powerful Dinosaur Digimon, with large horns, a long flowing cape, and a heroic reputation. He is considered to be Spinomon's rival. Most evil Digimon cower when they hear Carnotarumon's name. His Aero Fire attack is a scorching, yet wet, gale that can send many of Carnotarumon's enemies packing. Carnotarumon has no major weaknesses thanks to his rough, bumpy- scaled, leather-like hide.


  • Rampant Horns (Heroic Antlers ヒロイックアントラーズ)
  • Aero Fire (Blazing Typhoon ブレイジングタイフーン)
  • Meteor Rush (Commet Crusher コメットクラッシャー)


Digimon World: Frontier & HeroesEdit

In Digimon World Frontier Heroes, Carnotarumon is an unlockable Mega form for Chiikimon, but in order to Digivolve to him, Chiikimon's base EXP level must be at least 45, and be able to Digivolve to Cyberdramon. Also Chiikimon's Wind Tolerance must be at least 250 in order to be able to become Carnotarumon.
Carnotarumon has the highest defense of Chiikimon's possible Mega Digivolutions. His special Traits are Thick Skin (weakens the foes' fire, water, and wind attacks' power), Intimidate (lowers the foes' defenses, but makes them more likely to flee), Beast's Bane (makes Carnotarumon's attacks deal more damage to Beast Digimon), and Swift Heart (raises Carnotarumon's speed randomly after taking damage)

Name OriginEdit

Carnotarumon is based of Carnotaurus, a species of meat-eating dinosaur well-known for its "horns".