Level: Rookie
Digivolves from: Wanyamon
Digivolves to: Grizzlymon
Appears in: Digimon Ultra
Partner(s): Liam
Fresh Dodomon
In-Training Wanyamon
Champion Grizzlymon
Ultimate Monzaemon
Mega BanchoLeomon
Super Ultimate BanchoLeomon Burst Mode

Bearmon is a main character in Digimon Ultra and Liam's partner.


Bearmon first appeared as Wanyamon in Meet The Partner Digimon! Where it was waiting for him. He tells him that he is Liam's partner, he later Digivolved into Bearmon along with other In-Training levels who digivolved to their Rookie levels.

Later in Cuddling Monzaemon!, Liam, Yuuki, Darcy and Rosie find themselves in a place called Punk Town and run by a WaruMonzaemon who was very rude to them, Greymon tried to fight the disconfigured bear it but it was overpowered and defeated, and Bearmon was the only one who could fight on his own, just when all hope is lost, Bearmon digivolves into Grizzlymon and then to his Ultimate Level, Monzaemon and defeats the bear. Later Monzaemon helped with regaining its town by making it clean and fresh, and Pandamon was grateful for its help.

In A Musical Amphibian!, Bearmon digivolved to Monzaemon to help Otamamon get stronger and in doing so helps its shortcomings by digivolving into ShogunGekomon.

In Calumon's Sacrifice! BanchoLeomon!, Monzaemon was protecting a Calumon who was its friend, when Calumon gave its life to Monzaemon who dedigivolved back to Bearmon, Calumon used the remaining ounce of strength it had left and gave it to Bearmon before deleting to a DigiEgg, and in doing so allowed Bearmon to double warp digivolve to BanchoLeomon and defeated the boss.

Voice actor


Other forms


Monzaemon t.gif

Monzaemon is Bearmon's digivolved form.


  • Hearts Attack (Lovely Attack): Flings hearts. The hearts induce a feeling of euphoria in their target, while also trapping them.
  • Hug (愛の抱擁 Ai no Houkou?, lit. "Embrace of Love")
  • Silence Hug
  • Bang Bang Punch (Boom Boom Punch): Punches with a glowing paw, or smacks an enemy multiple times with both paws.
  • Eye Beam: Shoots lasers from its eyes.



BanchoLeomon is Grizzlymon's Digivolved form.


  • King Lion (獅子羅王漸 Shishiraouzan?, lit. "Lion King Slash"): Unleashes an attack from the Otokodama.
  • Flashy Boss Punch (Flash Bantyo Punch): Releases a fist packed with fighting spirit honed to its utmost limit.
  • Otokogi (男気? lit. "Chivalry")
  • Otokodama

BanchoLeomon Burst Mode

BanchoLeomon Burst Mode.png

BanchoLeomon Burst Mode is Bearmon's Ultra form.


  • Burning Bancho Punch (Burning Bancho Punch): Foils foes with its fiery fists.


Chaosmon (Re-Digitize) b.jpg

Chaosmon is the DNA Digivolved form of BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon.


  • Bantyo Blade (覇王両断剣 Haou Ryoudanken?, lit. "Tyrant Bisection Sword"): Unleashes an invincible decisive stroke from the BAN-TYO Blade.
  • Dark Prominence: Fires off its own digital cells from the Gigastick Cannon.
  • End of Paradox
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